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Tanya Carpenter 
Fabylon-Verlag - Jul. 2012

Novel : Fantasy / Thrill
Publisher: Fabylon, 2012
Seven Fancy: Volume 5
Paperback, 200 pages
Also available as ebook
ISBN: 978-392707166-7
Editor: Alisha Bionda
Cover Art: Crossvalley Smith
Cover Design: Atelier Bonzai
Interior Graphics: Crossvalley Smith

Recommended for readers of Mary Janice Davidson and Kimberly Raye

When shoe saleswoman Rebekka is bitten by a vampire, it is the climax of her current run of bad luck with men. But it gets even better. She is denied access to heaven, and virtually over night she becomes a member of the PSI investigating team from J & L Ltd., a subsidiary of Heaven, Hell & Co., Ltd. Their first case puts them right into the monastery where the bad guy apparently created his headquarters. It´s a topsy-turvy world, she thinks to herself, and has no idea how very true this will prove right in the future.


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