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Guido Krain
Fabylon-Verlag - Okt. 2011

Publisher: Fabylon
Edited by Alisha Bionda
Cover Art & Interior Graphics: Crossvalley Smith 
Cover Design: Atelier Bonzai
ARS AMORIS: Volume 6
October 2011
Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN: 978-392707140-7

Vanadis imagines herself close to her very dream. Even as a maid she believes her dreams can true at the glamorous world of the princely court. Only too late she realizes that the pleasures of noble cavaliers are rarely pleasant for a young girl. But fear of the effeminate nobles only bothers her briefly. The eye of a mysterious stranger touches the most secret parts of her body like a blade, cuts deeply into her soul and follows her into her dreams. Without a single word the unknown shows Vanadis the true meaning of fear, pride and humility. Good and evil, even all the world become meaningless in his presence. She quickly realizes that her only choice is between escape and devotion, which must ultimately be her death. At the end there is a journey to a hidden place which mirrors her inner self. In the lecherous world of Masks in Venice she finally meets her fate.   


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