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Guido Krain 
Arunya-Verlag - Juni 2013

eBook  - 5.77 EUR  
Cover Art & Interior Graphics: Shikomo 
Cover Design: Shikomo 

Elvenmoon If your aim in life is to lead a quiet life and to die comfortably in your own bed, you better not fall in love with certain individuals. And there are more pleasant ways to earn your living than to lead the life of a mage in Nosbador, being always eyed suspiciously. This is the story of many destinies, inextricably entangled with a young man´s life. In a world full of wonders and powerful enemies he tries to keep track and to survive. But at the end of the road, he will have to learn that the difference between "good" and "evil" is only a matter of perspective, and that monsters are not always born, but much more frequently made.


ELVENMOON is the debut novel by Guido Krain, now published as eBook in a reviewed and illustrated edition.


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