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Fabylon-Verlag - Mai 2013

Guido Krain

Novel / Steampunk

Cover Art: Crossvalley Smith

Cover Design: Atelier Bonzai 
Interior Graphics: Crossvalley Smith


Paperback, 200 pages, 14.90 EUR 
ISBN: 978-392707171-1

Edited by Alisha Bionda

Sometimes inventors make discoveries that are too spectacular to keep them to themselves or to foresee their consequences. Once the track is lost, an ingenuity too big leads to unexpected findings. For example, that white rats, young ladies and steam-powered maids are an ideal gang of thieves. Or that you can not explore Pandora's box and simultaneously keep it closed. And sometimes, the gift for invention takes you to places that are not meant for mortal eyes.

ARGENTUM NOCTIS is a novel about the things that make us different. Against the background of a Steampunk version of Victorian London, inventor Charles Eagleton attempts to resolve the most elementary question of humanity - and to keep the swath of destruction as narrow as possible.


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