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Marc-Alastor E.-E.

Novel/Dark Fantasy

SpectreDragon: Volume 3
Hardcover, 188 pages
, 18,90 EUR
Cover Art and Cover Design: Atelier Bonzai

Too often creeper has thwarted the goddess´s plans, and great is his power to resist her. Therefore his enemies try to get the situation under control by deceitfully applying a trick to the unfaithful servant: They perform a play which shows Creeper´s life as the young man he once was, but in a fallacious and slanderous way. And indeed, Creeper turns up at the theatre, by this time a degenerated creature. Slowly he begins to understand that everything what happended to him is the result of insidious coincidences and dark machinations. He suddenly realizes that he has just become an expendable part of an evil intrigue,and in his rage and his wrath, he decides to take revenge and has no idea that the dark goddess herself is lurking behind the scenes, to destroy him for good ...

In this novel, which is also a poetic stage play, darkness descends upon the antihero, and it finally solves all the unimaginable machinations around him. For the first time, the reader is allowed to see behind the curtain, to take a look at the man the murderer Creeper used to be, and must always distinguish between lies and the truth.


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