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Marc-Alastor E.-E.

Novel/Dark Fantasy
Spectre Dragon: Volume 1
Hardcover, 224 pages
, 18.90 EUR
September 2016
Cover Art and Cover Design: Atelier BonzaI

De Joco Suae Moechae 1

5 Novels from the Nightshade

He was a young, ambitious man who killed the woman he loved. Despaired and broken, the dark mysterious goddess picks him up and comforts him.She alters him into a magical, murderous being. Creeper, as she henceforth calls the creature, finds himselfs between the comforting femininity of the goddess, the immeasurable anger of his memories and, subsequently, his insanity. Emotion and instinct prevail. Rejected by the goddess because he seems to fail, he roams the worlds, searching his divine mistress, doing penance for his aching, guilty soul. 


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