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Arunya-Verlag – März 2015

Tanja Bern
Hardcover - 318 pages – 18,90 EUR
eBook – 4,99 EUR

Coverimage and Coverartwork: Shikomo

Close to me – The memories of John McKay

Eversince her early childhood, Katelyn has dreams about a man, waiting for her in the ruins of a house. When she finds a 250 year old locket with the protrait of this man at her grandmother´s house, she is shocked to see his face right in front of her. Her grandmother tells her, that the portrait is an image of the aristocrat John McKay whose handwritten story has been a family treasure for generations. Katelyn loses herself in John´s memoires...
When John for the first time sets eyes on the traveller Jake O´Malley, his life changes. The young man touches something in John´s heart, that grips him completely. They secretly get to know each other and fall in love. Initially, the McKay family are not aware of this, but the relationship between John and Jake is a walk on the edge that changes everything.


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