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Paranormal Romance / Dark Romance
Fabylon – August 2016

Sophie Oliver
Paperback – 176 pages – 14,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-927071-99-5
eBook – 3,99 EUR

Their roots go back to ancient times, when Caine killed his brother Abel. Grown out of sin, the »timehunters« must wipe out evil among mankind. Their reward is the remaining lifespans of the victims which grant them immortality.

The chase through the centuries ends in 2003.
Nathaniel has disappeared and has stopped hunting. This entails a slow, horrible death.

Emmaline, who has never stopped loving him, sets out in search of her former lover, thereby becoming involved in a conspiracy of enormous proportions.
Tristan, a disgraced timehunter, has returned to destroy the patriarchs as well as the venerable elders, in order to establish himself at the head of all the families.

A war between immortals breaks out, in which friend and foe are not easy to distinguish, and in which any mistake could prove fatal.

Nathaniel returns unexpectedly and demands Emmaline’s loyalty. She is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life...


Part two of the atmospheric and gripping dilogy about »bloodsuckers« of a totally different kind and a journey to some of Europes most beautiful cities.


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