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Paranormal Romance / Dark Romance
Fabylon – August 2016

Sophie Oliver
Paperback – 200 pages – 14,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-927071-98-8
eBook – 3,99 EUR

Their roots go back to ancient times, when Caine killed his brother Abel. Grown out of sin, the »timehunters« must wipe out evil among mankind. Their reward is the remaining lifespans of the victims which grant them immortality.
A chase through the centuries begins.

London, 1899: The enigmatic Nathaniel Turner turns young Emmaline Grant into an immortal, in an effort to rescue her from the grips of her sadistic and brutal husband. Emmaline‘s freedom comes at a high price.

She enters the world of a secret brotherhood, which has brought death to sinners down through the ages and whose rules she must obey. Her task from then on is to eliminate sinners and to continue living thorugh the life force of her victims. Emmaline struggles to fit in however, and her relationship with Nathaniel is also faced with a tough test.

She leaves him with a broken heart and begins a new life as a lonely assassin in Rome.

During World War II she falls in love with a young italian soldier. Emmaline´s forbidden relationship with a mortal triggers a series of unconrtollable events, which have deadly consequences.

Part one of the atmospheric and gripping dilogy about »bloodsuckers« of a totally different kind and a journey to some of Europes most beautiful cities.


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