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Uschi Zietsch


Book 1: Demon’s Blood

Book 2: Nightfire

Book 3: Pearlmoon


Long ago, a magical artifact called ‘the Tabernacle’, which holds tremendous strengths, was found. It is said only ‘the Torn’ can activate it – but no one knows what will happen then. However, various peoples and parties want to claim the artifact for themselves, and a combat flare up for thousands of years. In a devastating battle, the Tabernacle is broken into seven parts. Six parts of it are swirled away by a storm and find guardians. The seventh splinter is lost. But that by no means finish the fight, and the quest for the Torn also continues. Who can it be? Will he use the forces for good or for bad?


Twenty year old Rowarn, grew up in the isolated valley ‘Inniu’ at his foster parents, the Velerii – like ‘centaur’ – Snowmoon and Shadowrunner. Occurrences start happening very fast when Rowarn’s placid world is distressed by gruesome murders of young maidens – furthermore a horde of knights appears from a country beyond the mountains, to hire recruits for the combat to get the artifact.


Rowarn’s first examination is solving the murders of the maidens, since the way things are going he is involved due to his record. And so he drives himself into the story.


Out for revenge he will finally follow the knights, since he is told who his mother is, that he should travel to her soon - however that she was murdered by the demon Nightfire.

Nevertheless Rowarn detect bit by bit that his part in the combat for the artifact is far more significant, and revenge only secondary.


Rowarn enters Inns of Freedom where the doors do not always lead to the same places, crosses walking forests and dive into charmed springs.


He meets many entities on his long journey: The Prince Without Land, the Lady Morning Song, the War King and poet of the dwarves, the Red Demon, the One-Eyed, the Shadowlynx, Twilightwalkers and Moonwanderers - and the Knight of Visions, a legend from ancient times, also called Woodlion, the last of his order. And then there are Nightfire ... and somewhere the Torn.


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