ALMOST NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - The roundabout of horror

altALMOST NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH - The roundabout of horror
Fabylon – September 2017

Rebecca Hohlbein
Episodic novel
Seven Fancy – Volume 6
ISBN: Ä 978-3943570953
Paperback – 232 pages – 14,90 EUR


Helga, self-proclaimed ruler and godqueen of a peaceful little town somewhere in Germany, brings the people around her a little closer to madness every single day – especially the first person narrator, a young author, who on top of all has to deal with two wayward children, an adult foundling and her brother´s unwanted wedding.

Rebecca Hohlbein tells the story of her literary heroine´s quest for discernment with wit and charm. Because everybody needs a Helga.


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